Ancestor Read (3 cards)
Ancestor Read (3 cards)

Ancestor Read (3 cards)

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As always, your ancestors and angels are sending you messages. This reading is for messages you may have been either 1) ignoring or 2) haven’t been complying, & your ancestors want to make sure the message gets through to you. 

This will be a general read. No topics. 

Reads are emailed or text. When you book your reading it will be done in 1-5 business days of booking. Readings are done Tuesday-Sat (Does not include weekends or holidays)
Please note: If you book on a weekend, please expect your reading by Friday the latest. 

Readings are energy readings. There is no specific time on which they’re sent. They’re done in the order they’re received. We thank you for your patience, and thank you for booking. If there is a delay on your reading, an email or text will be sent to you on when your reading will be sent.