Pink Evil Eye Anklet
Pink Evil Eye Anklet
Pink Evil Eye Anklet

Pink Evil Eye Anklet

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Evil Eye Anklet Bracelet

Type: Brass

Does brass tarnish in water?

Tarnish is a mild form of corrosion caused by exposure of copper to the environment. Salt, in particular, tarnishes brass quickly and must be kept away from brass intended to be kept shiny. Chemicals in rainwater, tap water and air, as well as those found on our fingers and in food, are also corrosive.

How do you keep brass from tarnishing?

By coating the freshly polished metal with lacquer, you should be able to keep shiny brass from tarnishing — until the lacquer wears off, at which time you can strip what remains and start over.

How long does brass jewelry last?

Bronze and brass are durable, easy to clean, and will last for decades with proper care. They are great options for beautiful and affordable jewelry. One thing to keep in mind, the copper content of these metals can oxidize in combination with skin oils, creating a greenish layer of copper carbonate on skin

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